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Hi All! I'm cosplaying as a colonial marine next year (my first time ever) and there's a LOT parts for this I'd like to model and share. I thought I would log all of it here. All models will be given away for free and linked here, this is just a fun project I want to share will fellow fans.

Last night I modeled the Gerber MKII combat knife:


You can download the model here: Aliens USCM Combat Knife | Gerber MKII by Props3DPro

I'm currently printing it and will post pics as I go.

Next on deck is the motion tracker: martinr1000 has kindly pointed me to a github page where he has done the code for a Raspberry PI Zero based screen with gyro movement. Here's a vid of his demo:

I've also borrowed a licensed reproduction motion tracker from the world's best toy store.

Pics of that only on my Instagram right now: Motion Tracker References

I've started on the hama slide viewer, that way I can get the electronics for the screen out of the way, pics coming shortly.

I also did a pulse rifle: Aliens Pulse Rifle M41A - Moving Parts! |NEW Shotgun Update| by Props3DPro

This is a fully moving mechanical model but I'm going to be revising it to add full electronics and sound.
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Thanks for the references! I got the crossguard a bit wrong now I see your closeups, I'll fix it. Awesome knife btw, looked into getting one but the early gen MKII's are rare find in this day and age.


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mktodd thanks for the reference, I fixed the guard.

With the improved guard:


breen2057 all the documentation I can find says they're real, but I didn't dig yhat deep. Where did you hear they were knockoffs?


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haha, that's too funny, the guard I did originally was a from a screen used and without realizing I was modeling a clone. I had two references with two very different guards on my guard closeups and sorta averaged it, creating the hybrid one you see in the first post. Thanks for the clarity and I'll upgrade the guard again to match the clone. This is why I come here :D

Clearly the correct clone, but no branding or stamping of any kind:


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I think it turned out OK, I'm going to attempt a sheath for it next:


I found someone willing to lend me a MKII, it's a much newer production but it's good to see them side by side. The pic of the clone used in the movie has a longer blade like mine but the handle's a bit shorter:

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