Aliens M41A Pulse Rifle Magazine

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by NeoMorph010101, Aug 18, 2015.

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    hi everyone

    is there anyone out there that can help me either source a replica M41A Magazine with a few caseless rounds in it or can make one

    im looking for something like this


    i'm looking for the mag as shown with a few rounds in it (i would like the base of the mag the same green as the gun)

    i would also like a box of rounds (20) in the display box as shown

    can anyone help

    thanks everyone
  2. Noeland

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    Those caseless rounds and box were made years ago. Many years ago. No longer available, and won't be ever again. You may find someone selling theirs though.

    The magazine is just a Thompson 20 rounder with a milled buttplate. I'm not sure who made the buttplate, but those were also done years ago.

    But that mag can be bought through midway usa or maybe on gun broker.
  3. nomuse

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    I've been working on that a bit. Talked to eltee, will be talking to Matt, to make sure i have permission before I put up a free-to-print 3d model based on their design. Matsuo would be the one to go to for that great box art (I hope he still has the files!) But there's a couple vendors for Thompson magazine bottom plates. I saw one at Evike a few days ago, and there's a complete magazine on eBay right now.
  4. eltee

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    FYI the ammo in the picture that Matt and I worked on is a two piece affair, the propellant base is a textured mix that Matt concocted to replicate a solid propellant and the bullet is metal. That polished mag I acquired for "show" and was never seen to my knowledge in the movie. It just looked nice for photos.
  5. NeoMorph010101

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    would matt and yourself be willing to produce another magazine, small ammo box and enough rounds to fill the box and about 4 in the clip ?

    at this point I'll pay * near anything (within reason)

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