Aliens Corp. Hicks' Shotgun build (scrap & real parts combo)


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I decided my aliens 'weapons wall' needed an accurate replica of Hicks' Ithaca 37 Shotgun.

Recreating his 'sawed off' Featherlight with an MP40 grip seemed like a fun job.

Started with some 'scrap'. These were bits from a broken airsoft mossburg 500 and the the handle cut off from a cheap MP40

Then set about to collect a few "real" parts from an actual Ithaca 37 (the forend isn't quiiiiiit right. The pattern is just a bit off. The forend slide assembly was pretty beat up too so I had to cut it in order to clean it up).

The other odd bits were fabbed up from PVC pipe and plastruct
Fabbed Parts.jpg

Of course lots of bondo, steel stick, and contour putty!

Now, most of the pics of the shotgun how it appears today look as if it has had the 'blue' completely stripped off revealing the shiny metal. The paint job I was going for is based on this prop shot during filming. The blue is obviously still present, just beat up.

The actual production prop photo:
Hicks Ithica 37.jpg

My final product:
20150511_2109552.jpg 20150511_210912.jpg 20150511_211042.jpg

And here he is with his "buddies" (some more finished than others;) )

So yeah, def a fun build. Thanks for looking!
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Thanks guys.

Think I may try a 'real parts'/airsoft combo to make Vaz's pistol next. That one will be much harder if I want to keep the airsoft functionality. I just wish someone would make an accurate model 39, but alas no. I will need to heavily modify a model 59 or something.
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