Aliens Armor Webbing

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    Does anyone have any pictures of how to run straps through the main torso/shoulder parts of the Colonial Marine armor, and where they connect? I have 1:6 scale and I can't for the life of me find how they connect.

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    These might be of some help.

    This is a "real" set (made by the original armourer Terry English).

    Inside Armor.jpg

    Here is a screen used set from Deitrich
    Dietrich Inside.jpg

    Here is an underside shot of the hot toys set looking under the shoulder. The strap that has the centered plate from the pauldron connects from all 3 armor pieces and then connects to the top strap (if that makes any sense)
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    Awesome, that helps a ton! It was just the small piece that's on the top right shoulder where the buckle feeds through that I was having trouble figuring out. Thank you!

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