Aliens APC - 1/12 (3D Print)


Hey All,

First - credit to Wasili for his 1/12 APC model build - total inspiration. I spent hours and hours looking at his thread.

Second - credit to Bold Machines: The Innovation Workshop at Stratasys where I work.

We've worked on this project during evenings/weekends and have over 300 hours of design and research time in so far

This is a 1/12 scale Aliens APC build - based on blueprints and the Halcyon model kit (both purchased on eBay). Built the CAD model in Solidworks - now 3D printing the components on a Connex 3/Objet 500, Objet Alaris 30, Mojo and MakerBot z18/Replicator 2 printers.


Now going after each part of the Aliens APC for the build. Tires first.

The tires are printed in Tango Black + which is a flexible material. Shore A value of 45 which is almost gummy bear squishy. We inserted a snap ring to hold the hubcap plate.

APC Tire.jpgAPC Tire Tread.jpgAPC Tire Set.jpgAPC Wheel Hub.jpg
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Update: Back half of main body printed. Very big. Very Heavy. I think we will need to rework our suspension....... :p

@ Duncanator: Not solid. Has about 4mm walls. The material is PolyJet so it's solid plastic + the thing is just huge....

Might drop it down a scale or two at some point.
If you made those wheels available to upgrade the Halcyon kit, you'd be doing a lot of us commoners a big favour.
1/12 Scale Aliens APC (3D Print)

Main body prints complete. We used leftover resin - that's why the different colors. Fit is good - will be some cleanup above the door and some spots around the front - but overall looks good.



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If you made those wheels available to upgrade the Halcyon kit, you'd be doing a lot of us commoners a big favour.

1/35 Scale 3D Prints on the Objet Alaris 30 - in Vero White. These are polyjet - so rigid material. Could also cast them in Smooth On Task 13 material or attempt to print in the flexible Tango + material.

@ RKS PM me if you want to discuss further.

ALIENS 1/12 APC Build (3D Print)

Today's bounty.... Top Gun and rails. Rails will need to cast though to support weight. Front gun barrel and side door.IMG_3904.JPGIMG_3905.JPGIMG_3906.JPGIMG_3907.JPG
ALIENS 1/12 APC Build (3D Print)

Ran some parts on the Objet Alaris 30 last night.

Front Door, Back grill base and vents. Front Gun. Couple of weird fit issues - but so far looking good.

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