Aliens: Another Glorious Day in the Corps


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I had a few hours last night and got mostly done on these two

Still have to paint the base, finish her gun/flamethrower, do some touch-ups, and add some dirt here and there

Also, I apparently I missed a piece of the sprue for the Power Loader so that bit is still the green plastic color

I airbrushed the power loader main base color using Tamiya paints, the rest was hand painted

These are all the paints I used (minus a jar for the drop or two of Tamiya Red that I added to the Lemon Yellow)



P5022100 (2).JPG

P5022101 (2).JPG

P5022097 (2).JPG
P5022099 (2).JPG


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Finished "Enraged Ripley" and "Power Loader Ripley"

Although I am tempted to try adding some cables for the power loader. I just need to find some good ref pics that show me all the various connection points
Also there seem to be tow "antenna"? type things not present on the model that I have seen in pictures

Also, with these extreme zooms I see so many uneven and rough edges that aren't too visible at normal viewing but still are making me twitch while resisting screwing anything up trying to go back and fix it. I did that a couple of times like with the face on Newt. I kind of ruined the face and eyes compared to what was there before I started "tweaking" it

at any rate...





P5042122 (2).JPG
P5042121 (2).JPG
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Nice job! I see you have Star wars legion paints? Never seen those before. Where does one get them?

Local gaming stores have them, or if not you can find sets on Amazon and other similar places

I picked up the "Core" set from my LGS and the "Rebel" set from Amazon

I really need to pick up the Imperial colors

Availability comes and goes as I notice that Amazon currently does not have any of the sets

You could look online for gaming stores like here for example

These sets are made by Army Painter and they may have equivalent colors in their normal Army Painter branded line, but just under different more generic names instead of Star Wars specific

The Strong Tone Wash and Shadow wash are amazing paints and were extremely useful in creating that "grime" look. The String Tone wash is also a great thing for shading of skin tone
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Color test for the Alien Warriors.
Process is super easy and quick. Just prime black, do some quick highlighting with Army Painter SW Legion Sith Robes and then mix in a bit of Vallejo Leather and drybrush certain areas adding more brown to the mix in some spots. Takes less than 5 minutes for a figure





I was basing coloring on the full size costume seen here



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