alien warrior costume scratch built


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hi everybody!
i m from france,i m 30 years old
i m a sf movie fan and i ve seen very nice things on this forum:eek
i m a beginner ,i started to sculpt and mold 2 years ago and
i wanted to show you my alien warrior costume
it s an entire scratch build,it took me approximatively 2 years,
the head is p.u. hard foam with silicone mold
all the patches are latex with plaster mold
the head and tail were really big work...

excuse for my bad english...

i hope you enjoy



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Awesome work! I thought that was a kit build at first. You have done a fantastic job on this. Welcome to the RPF.


I'm always excited to meet another Alien fan. Nice build lilsparrow, may I ask what is p.u. hard foam? Are you referring to latex?


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@ Simul8r : "P.U. Hard foam" refers to Polyurethane resin foam, so it's not foam latex, it's a two-compound foam that is created with a chemical reaction during the mixing, and without heat or curing. It can be hard, or soft, and it's cheaper than foam latex.

Let's say, when you do not have a big oven, it's a convenient way to have foam elements, close to foam latex, but not as stretchy. Some type of this foaming resin can even create a " skin " surrounding the foam core, getting more details from the mold.

@ littlesparrow : Y'a pas d'autres moyens que le système D, de toute façon, même chez les pros. Jolie build, le résultat est là. :)


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Absolutely Awesome!! great attention to detail & you make it look so simple aswell, gets a (y)thumbsup(y)thumbsup from me :)


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thank you very much for your coms!
for the head i try with pu soft foam and it s not good,there is no "skin"...

and paint was made with sponge

i hope i can find an old factory to make good fotos in the dark


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head is from a silicone mold,i made 4 others but mold is not made with high quality silicone so it s very fragile

maybe i can do one other head or a torso...but i have other projects and i don t have too much time

you can t find a warrior head in usa?
in france it s really hard to find an alien suit or head,that s why i do my own costume

Judge Spartan

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That would scare my to death if it came after me in a dark alley. Absolutely beautiful work, and only starting to do this stuff in 2 short years is fantastic!!
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