Interest ALIEN Uniform WINGS. Screen Accurate, Goldwork.


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Hi everyone,

I recently completed a small run of screen accurate NOSTROMO jacket wings, for my jackets and the rest for sale. I sold out of them pretty fast…. This post is to gage if there is interest in me making more. These are all handmade, out of 1mm metallic French wire, gold and silver bullion coil, Shiny and matte finish. The material is a very fine wire thread that is wound into a soft flexible hollow tube with a smooth shiny or matte surface. The wire of the thread is copper based with a gold or silver plating and does develop a very nice patina over time. All sewn on a piece of dense white felt.

I made and extensive post about the process behind making these wings here:
Alien / Nostromo Uniforms

And my last sale run here:
Alien / Nostromo Uniforms
Where you can see some feedback from previous buyers who can attest to my quality, attention to detail and ability to deliver.

Right now I'm thinking 4 different versions:
1. Jacket Gold
Jacket gold.jpg
2. Jacket Silver
Jacket Silver.jpg
3. Shirt Gold
Shirt Gold.jpg
4. Shirt Silver
Shirt Silver.jpg

Price breakdown prediction:
00-20 $60 A Piece
20-50 $55 A Piece
50< $50 A Piece

Domestic - $8.
International - please contact me.

Payment through PayPal.

If you are interested, please write down in the comments: [amount] x [type of wing]
For example:

1 x jacket gold, 1 x shirt gold


Jacket wing design:
IMG_0064.jpeg IMG_0105.jpeg IMG_0156.jpeg IMG_0165.jpeg KANESWINGS.jpg IMG_0103.jpeg
Shirt wing design:
KANESWINGS_2.jpg silver patch.jpg IMG_0142.jpg dallas wings.jpg DSCF3359.jpg

Original Bob Burns collection Dallas shirt:
IMG_0194.jpg IMG_0203.jpg IMG_0204.jpg

My last run of Jacket designed wings:
IMG_6190.jpg IMG_6187.jpg IMG_6191.jpg IMG_6188.jpg IMG_6189.jpg IMG_6185.jpg

I can guarantee this high level of quality in craftsmanship and consistency across the run.

Thanks for checking this out!


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The jacket wings I received from your initial run are phenomenal. In my opinion they're well worth the price for the work and quality you put into them! Thank you so much!


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I purchased the gold wings and they arrived yesterday. They are gorgeous and looking at them makes me want to take the next step in making a full Dallas costume.
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