Alien tongue prop


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I'm making a short film Predator VS Terminator. I was thinking of having the predator in it having trophies on him, na'vi ponytail, jar jar bink's ear, but the prop I'm having a little problem with is how to make an Alien's tongue. I wan't it to look okay, but I would like it to be easy to make cuz I'm a serious noob at this.
take a small box and cover that with duck tape and for the mouth you can buy fake dracula teeth and the detail it with clay
You could try polymer clay for this. I don't know if you want a rigid tongue or one with some flex, but Sculpey or Fimo clays should be easy enough to work with when making a tongue. Sculpey also has a "Bake and Bend" clay that is supposed to be flexible, although I haven't tried it out yet.
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