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  1. batnemo

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    sorry for the bad quality...
    but here are the new pictures of the suit...not finished yet...

    parts on the undersuit are not glued yet...only pinned and i've not finish all the legs parts...

    the "jacket" with spines and tail is good and glued,the tail need to be dremeled,and i will certainly hide a zip on the front cause it's not easy to put on...add some tubes then paint all in black with liquid latex...
    think i will redo the neck to make a new one,with better vision....
  2. Pauleysolo

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    Wow that is looking great.
  3. Boba Frett

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    Nice work :thumbsup , Keep us updated with some finished pics.
  4. Guri

    Guri Sr Member

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    awesome... :eek I always loved these movies...

  5. PredatrHuntr

    PredatrHuntr Well-Known Member

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    The detail on that is amazing...
  6. deralis

    deralis Well-Known Member

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    If I could only stop buying other stufff.....

    good job, are you gonna make the inner Jaws moveable????
  7. joeranger

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    Can you wear it to Dragon Con? THe cast might have a mini 20yr reunion
  8. prop fan

    prop fan Well-Known Member

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    that looks awesome
  9. batnemo

    batnemo Active Member

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    Hi, thanks everybody for compliments...
    yes i will add some animatronics, not on this head cause it's a foam one, so too much flexible...
    but on the one i'm making, will add moving jaws,salivation, and a moving inner jaws...
    shade for me , can't go to conventions, cause i live in France, so too far from USA,or england... :cry
  10. Soundwave

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    That looks awesome. Great job so far. And England isn't too far from shold sooo make the trip as I'm sure the con-goers would love to see that creeping around the venue.
    Looking forward to seeing how it progresses, so keep us updated and thanks for sharing..
  11. GundamZeppelin

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    :thumbsup :thumbsup
  12. Darksaber212

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    Looks awesome. :thumbsup

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