Alien - Ripley's Flight Suit & Nostromo Jacket compression lacing panels help


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Hello - If anyone knows where I could find/buy ready-made compression lacing panels for the backside of Ripley's flight suit and (or) Nostromo Jacket arms it would be most appreciated. Or at least pieces I could put together. I've already got the laces themselves (parachute cords) it's the panels to lace them into I need.
I don't have a sewing machine so I'm doing everything by hand... Olive green or something similar in color would work. I've got a 60s K-2B flight suit I'm converting for Ripley's suit. Any help would be great, thanks!
Within the past 7 years I purchased a set of lacings for the jacket as well as the front, laced pockets for Dallas' jacket from a fellow here on the RPF. It might be SG-RB, I just don't remember.

Whomever made it did a solid job.
Did you examine the photos at

here at therpf? The images should provide a good idea on how to modify the back of a flight suit.
Yup, months ago. I've got lots of pics from the movie as well as of the actual anti-grav type suits which were used and other fan costumes. References aren't the problem, I'm just not sure what materials to look for (my local Joann's fabric store is awful so I'd have to order) and I don't have a sewing machine. I was hoping to find someone who could make the pieces for me but also can't afford a $100+ price tag right now (on the Ripley flight suit) so...
When I made the arm straps for my jacket I used some cotton duck in OD and did the edging and loops with bias tape.
lacing strip 1.jpg
If you can find another (damaged) flight suit to cut up would probably work better.
I remember someone had found the correct materials used for the loops and edging.
What a lot of people don't know is that the G-4A suit contains an "inner suit" also. That inner suit is full of lacing + loops...of course, it would be fun to have a genuine one to transform. Since that 2nd suit is inside, people will never know it has been cut and transformed ;-)

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