Alien ripcage chestarmor


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This was a request by Sil3nthunt3r. He asked me to sculpt a chestarmor and codpiece that would match with the alienhead shoulder bells he bought from me.

So, here a few pics.

I'm half way sculpting, nest thing that I'll have to do is sculpt another rip, ad some musscle structure on it and then work on the outsides. I'm going to sculpt the sides like it was cut with a dagger. So it will look more like the armor is "made in the field during a hunting trip".

Because I'll have the molds, I will put a few set on the buy and sel section.



And while I'm here,

Here's picture of the P1 hiparmor I was working on, the first pull will buy for tomorrow.

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I can't really make out the chest armor, (not sure if its the picture or what not) but I do have a general idea what your going after and I think it will be a pretty cool peice. The hip armor looks the part.



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Instead of asking Pred figures for xmass and my birthday I should ask for a new camera :p

Here's another pictures, I have to work a little on some details but it's almost finished.


This was the model... A very demanding one if you ask me



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And this is the result:



Size is about the same like a Wolf armor.
It's painted in black, a light sade of dark grey, then finished with dark silver and over that a fine layer of blue mixed with a little silver. After that a few drops of latex mixed with green paint for the Xenomorph blood.

Sil3nthunt3er, I hope you like... Otherwise I have to start all over again :p


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I was thinking on a piece of the tail but I'm not sure how I'm going to do it so it does'nt look like a oversized horsed..... that's hanging there. :)


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thats a interesting sculpt wander how it will all look together on a pred skin

In a few days I'll have my mannekin that I'm going to paint with a predskin pattern so, in about a week or two there will be some pictures how it looks on a skin :)


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And here a picture of the first pull.

I foam filled this one in the mold but it's to heavy for a codpiece with the foam in it. I thinck you would create a strange walk with that heavy thing between your legs :) :lol:


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OOOOOhhhhhhh Dakath.... SO! many responses to that last comment. Gonna keep this "G" rated tho.... However, don't EVER question how much weight a guy can carry between his legs. :)
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