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A few months ago I built my own alien egg for a short parody sketch, I finally finished the video and I figured you guys would like to see it!

I had an astonishing budget of about -$3.00 so it wasn't exactly a a great replica in terms of accuracy haha but i am really happy with how it turned out on screen!

egg snip.PNG

open egg.PNG

early egg.jpg




It was fabricated out of two different yoga mats with hot glue, painted with spray paint and acrylic, and then textured with liquid latex. The inside "webbing" was made out of that cheap decorative Halloween webbing stuff, coated in liquid latex. The "Tendons" or "strands" between the pedals of the egg were made the same way. originally i wanted to use slime to have a similar effect, but i couldn't figure out how to make a sticky stretchy slime for cheap (i actually had a thread about it) plus i would have needed a lot for all the different takes. With the way i did it it may look less slimy, but it was a permanent part of the egg so i wouldn't need to worry about it not working.

The "breathing" of the egg was made from balloons on the inside connected to balloons on the outside via tubes. we would squeeze the outside balloons to make the inside ones breath.

The pedals opening and wiggling was done using fishing line (pretty obvious since you can see the fishing line in the video, but considering how cheap it was i cant complain lol) using the same method used in this video, just with a larger egg.

but anyway i hope you guys like it! Like i said its not exactly accurate to the movies, but because of my budget i had to go with what would look best and be the most practical for my needs as opposed to making it as accurate as i could. Hope you enjoyed, would love feedback!
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Thanks guys, glad you liked it!

i plan on using the same techniques i tried here for an original sci fi short involving cocoons, I will post that if and when i get around to actually making it lol

In the meantime, does anybody know where to find foam for cheap? specifically with the smooth and not porous surface that yoga mats have? the two yoga mats i used i got for free, but they are about 20-25 dollars for the thicker one (the one that made up the body of the egg) and ten for the thin one (which made up the details on the pedals and the base) which for me is not cheap if i wanted to fill a whole room with eggs or cocoons lol