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This is my Alien egg sculpt. Made with NSP Chavant Medium. It's 24 cm long aproximately (around 9"). I'm planning to make it in resin (I might try a translucent resin with lights inside), and if I have time, I will make a copy in something flexible in order to place some movement mechanisms inside. Maybe latex and filled with soft foam.

Anyways, how do you see it? I didn't use any specific model as reference, just wanted to give it my own feel. Any advice/correction before it gets all covered in silicone goo?








Alien Egg -Work In Progress- - YouTube
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Really cool, you should make a few hundred and have them all on your basement floor and scare the crud out of visitors. lol


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Very good. Did you use a base item to sculpt the clay over?

I used a scrapped dinosaur egg that my teacher made for a BBC documentary (I don't know the title, but part of it was filmed in Spain). Actually, I used that egg as a base to sculpt a dragon egg, and when I finished that, I took it out of the mould and transformed it into an alien egg to save some time and clay.

I would love to make some kind of diorama using these eggs, but it would be way too big, so I guess I wont be doing it ... or will I? :confused


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Finally found some time and money to finish this. Made in polyester resin/fiberglass. I might try different materials in the future, but right now I think I will be sticking to this one because it's really easier to get a good painting.








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The fiberglass is transparent enough to let you see a light placed inside the egg, but for this effect to look right you have to paint it with an airbrush (will do... sooner or later). Also, I've been suggested to use some led candles. That must look really good, I'll have to try it!
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