Alien Egg chamber diorama


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Hey, all!

Hope this finds everyone well.

On Easter, it came to me that I could turn an egg tray I had lying around into something more, well, visually satisfying, so I grabbed some materials and came up with this:



Given the title of this topic, you probably know where this is going.

Maybe I should have taken some pictures of the building steps, sorry for that - on the other hand, there was nothing remarkable to the build itself, just the usual musings over which materials to use and how to achieve what.

I covered one of the egg holders with some styrene and used rough sandpaper as the floor (the other five egg holes are already prepped with masking tape for a coat of primer).

Also, I've found that contact cement is useful for some eerie alien residue sculpting.


The diorama will have a light source, Kane's dropped torch thingy. The light will come from a cut-down fairy light:


With the torch (I hollowed it out for the wire):


With the Hiya Toys Kane figure in place, this is how it looks for now:




Next up will be more sanding, then priming and painting. I'll post the progress here.

Cheers, all!


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A quick update on the egg chamber. I've applied a paint job of a black primer undercoat, then tried a mixture of flat black and dark olive green for the wall structure. The floor has a heavy drybrush of the same dark olive, with some lighter streaks of dark sand colour in a few places.

Now that the creative bug has bitten me, I'm thinking of adding more dimension to the rims of the egg bowls with some putty, add a "base of a tree" look to the egg bases, as if there were some roots going into the ground from them.

Will keep you updated. For now, I hope you enjoy!



EDIT: forgot this:

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having added some more Alien nastiness to the floor around the egg holders, fiddling around with the colours and glueing the LED inside Kane's dropped hand lamp...


...and stuffing the battery pack very unceremoniously in the back...


...all there seems to be left to do is a clear satin coat and glueing Kane permanently to the set.


Thanks for looking, guys!

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