Alien Covenant Space Suit/Patches


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(Sorry if this was posted already, I didn't see a thread about it but if it was feel free to remove this)

The first official image of Ridley Scott's 'Alien Covenant' was released a few days ago. The image is of a patch on the shoulder of a mostly unseen spacesuit, but i figured it would be worth posting anyway. More images will hopefully be released within the coming months so we might get a better look at it soon enough :)

From what we can see, looks like they are going for a more realistic space suit as opposed to the super sleek Prometheus space suits. Perhaps something in between what we see in Prometheus and what we see in Alien?

prometheus 2.jpg

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Prometheus was a big disappointment but it looked so beautiful that it could be forgiven, I have no doubt that Alien Covenant will be visually fantastic, the designs breath taking. I am looking forward to next spacesuit build on the RPF.