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Hey everyone, been following this thread for a while on and off, amazing to see how everything came together.

I'd been looking for an Origae-6 patch for a jacket for a while, and decided in the end to just make my own, i'm a graphic designer by trade so I figured it would be easy enough. Of course I made this via a screenshot didn't see a few pages back here there was a flat lay version of the patch. I guess i can always go back and make corrects. It's a nice patch, the main issue I found is that the person I got to make it (via etsy) ended up distorting the size slightly but for now i'm happy.

Anyways just wanted to share. Does anyone actually know if the white middle band on the patch is meant to be there? In the screenshot I worked from it looked like the white was included, or it is, infact, two separate patches?


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made some more progress on the solar panel. the geometry is basically done i just need some input on what type of hinge we want to do. right now it is modeled from a pin to go through the two like a door hinge. The other would be some sort of snap in hinge.
Isaac064 also mentioned about making it two parts that a glass type piece would sit in between the two pieces, is everyone cool with that or have any other preferences?
I'm pretty flexible on the design so i'm just looking for people's opinions and feedback
Hello, I'm Still rather new to this site and forums. But did this ever get finished? if so are you willing to share the files for personal use only?

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