Alien costume for 7 yearold UPDATE! 10/27


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My 7 yearold Daughter wanted to be an Alien. I said really?? She said absolutely!

This is what i have so far!
The head is a bicycle hemet with chunks of styrofoam duct taped to it.
Along with small rope and sports bottle straws for the details. The face is an altered childs terminator mask with fake press on fingernails cut to shape and glued in place for the teeth. I still have some painting to do on it. The dome is 3 2 liter soda bottles cut to shape. The hands are witch gloves with puff paints for details. The chest and back is one piee like a vest. Its made of cardboard,sheetfoam & pool noodles and covered in duct tape and then spray painted. Please keep in mind I did this very quickly.

Tell me what you think so far.

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Re: Alien costume for 7 yearold

This is just awesome; please tell your daughter she chose well this Halloween. Great job so far on a quick build too, looking forward to when it’s completely done.
Re: Alien costume for 7 yearold

That's gotta be one of the top 10 Coolest Things EVER!

Seriously, very creative build you have there.
Re: Alien costume for 7 yearold

Hahha sickkkk!!! I hope she scares the crap out of her girlfriends. Great Job
Re: Alien costume for 7 yearold

haha This is great! Your Kids friend will be princesses and crap like that while she'll be the scourge of the Nostromo! Very cool!
Re: Alien costume for 7 yearold

Cool kid and cool Halloween costume !!!

Can't wait to see more ! (I'm talking about the suit here, I'm not a perv)


Re: Alien costume for 7 yearold

Haha nice! When I was that age, I was just like her. No barbies, no pink. Awesome warrior stuff!
Re: Alien costume for 7 yearold

Cool looking suit fella, like the way thats coming along. Great start, lookng forward to seeing more
Re: Alien costume for 7 yearold

Thanks so much guys and gals! I will show my daughter all the kind words and :thumbsup
Now back to work on the tail !!!
Re: Alien costume for 7 yearold

You can't see it to well but the tail is finished. Now for the arms and legs. I'm about 85% done . It will be finished tonite and i will post the finished pics as soon as its done;-)

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