alien bio-helmet

Serpent Hunter

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Hello everyone 8)

i'm new to hunter's lair, i have no talent in making props or costumes, but i'm trying to.

I was thinking of making the bio-helmet from the DLC of AVP (this one: )
i'm a complete newbie at this and the image is nothing to go by, but i hope to make it, help from people would be wonderful, i am hoping to start next year.

wish me luck.

PS: i'm having probs with computer, so my profile is blank lol


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Just some reference pics for you courtesy of the Galaxy ;D


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The only thing I could see working is in that black-outline area where the "Dome" meets the "mouth" - There could be a gap or a small visor you could see out of. That'd be without a doubt one of the more difficult challenges of making that bio work. A Screen accurate one would be awesome, but seeing a viable wearable one for cons might have some of us AVP vets (talkin' bout myself here) very interested to see it being made tangible & real.
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