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Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by TheMadGasser, Jul 30, 2015.

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    Hey everyone!

    I've been working with a client on getting Trek bottle decals made and he recently acquired a Jose Cuervo 1800 bottle. He is wanting to make it into a Aldebaran Whiskey bottle like the one seen in the Star Trek TNG episode, "Relics". There's an issue I'm coming up with though. When watching that episode, I could see that there was a label on it, but can't make out what it is. I tried looking at screen caps on Trekcore, but no help and they don't have any HD screen caps of that episode posted. Here's what's floating around the internet when you look up "Aldebaran Whiskey":


    I'm a stickler for details and after watching that episode I can tell you they never used the stretched out logo for that bottle in that episode (or any I can think of). The un-stretched version can be seen on a thinner and taller bottle being held by Quark in an episode of DS9 (they show up when you do a Google image search). After watching the episode a few times on TV, I can kinda make out something written on it. The label on the bottle that Scotty totes around looks like it could be the back label of the Jose Cuervo 1800 bottle, or a clever label used for some of Scotty's lines. There is a few good scenes when Scotty turns the label towards the camera and a part when he's toasting with Picard on the holodeck.

    scotty Jose Cuervo 1800 bottle..jpg

    If anyone has any HD resolution shots from that episode I would love to see a cleaner shot of the label so I could recreate it for my client. Speaking of Scotty, I've been working on his prized whiskey label and will create a new topic on it when I'm ready to reveal it. I'm wanting to offer it in vinyl or paper, but more on that after this project.
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    That label you found (which has been stretched) is actually from DS9, there's a different shaped bottle in Quark's that has it, and is suppose to be Aldebaran whiskey. See here:
    I'd never actually noticed a label on the TNG version before, now you have me intrigued.
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    Aye, I don't recall seeing the actual green liquid in the bottle, but I could be wrong. It's been a while since I saw that episode.

    Right after I posted this, I found a HD clip on youtube, but the scene was cut up to show the difference between SD and HD. There was a shot of Scotty holding the bottle up, but when I try to capture the image, it's too blurry. Here's another HD clip I found from TrekCore. If anyone can break this video down frame by frame, that would be awesome.

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