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not a big fan, but popped my head into a local hobbytown usa. to my surprise there was a full-blown rack of Alclad products. i was aware of their several choices in metallic paints, but they had several other products i wasn't aware of -- namely they have large bottle of white, gray, and black primer (in their typical ready to AB viscosity) as well as five or six different bottles of reflective finishes (eg, matte, satin, gloss, etc).

considering my favorite (Tamiya primer) is still MIA, was wondering if anyone was familiar with Alclads primers? I'm also a bit curious about the finishes also (i currently hand mix batches of future and tamiya flat to get the flatness i want).

Anybody used either one of these products? please share.


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I've never used their primer paints but I've always had great results using their Chrome paint... starting with a Primer paint (Polish or buff the surface to a shine), then spray a Gloss Black paint (Let that dry really well), and finally carefully spray an even layer of Alclad Chrome.


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How long does Alclad last? I have several bottles of the stuff, been sitting in the garage for years. Wonder if it's still any good.


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yeah, i've used (and really like) their metallic finishes. i'm more asking about the primer products and gloss/matte finish products.

i believe they are lacquers (not a chem major, so they may be some funky acryllic lacquer something something). i've had several bottles for several years and they seem ok by looking at them (have yet to test them in an AB).
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