ALCLAD II CHROME / GOLD - is it any good?


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Hi, I need a chrome / gold finish on a project I am working on . (Indy idol and t1000 police badge) Are these alclad II paints any good? what type of finish do you get? Any input would be appreciated!

Thanks guys!


Boba Flint

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I've use the regular chrome on a T-1000 kit ad it looks great. So I would hope the gold would be just as good.


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Alclad gold is NOT as shiny as the chrome stuff - in fact, it's about like most of your commercial metallic gold spray paints.

I've read some tricks about getting a shiny gold finish using chrome with a transparent yellow coating over the top - but not tried it myself.


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It's not as mirror-like as the Chrome, but like all the ALCLAD line the results totally depend on the amount and smoothness of the surface prep, and how lightly you apply the paint. With ALCLAD, less is more. Spray to thick or too many coats, and you might as well be using Krylon.

If it is something small, or relatively flat, I'd suggest using some Gold Leafing.


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Thanks Rich!

Is that the mpc /ertl c3p0? Boy I loved making that kit all those years ago, still have him somewhere!