Alchemy Arms Still up and running???


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Hello Folks

I found alchemy arms on the net and they have a few things I am interested in but I was wondering if they are still open for business???




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They were when I saw them at Dragon Con just a few months ago. I did a little business with them a couple months before that and was glad to put faces to email addresses. My own experience leads me to believe they are a classy operation.


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Hello bigbisont

Thanks for the reply!!! I just received and replied to a few emails from the owner a bit after I posted above. Seems like a class act and I feel comfortable doing business with him!!!



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there a tad slow on reply's as there busy for orders / cons and the such but dans a stand up guy and will do what it takes. ive bought alot of stuff from him before and received bonus "extra's" if ive had to wait a while at no extra cost. in the end ive always been happy happy happy!! ;)
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