Albino Colouration and Painting

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Ok, I have a few questions and I thought it would be best to get some input from the Lair. I'm doing my design work, prior to painting, for my Pred. I wanted to do an albino-esqe paint scheme, because I just really like the black and white look. (Obviously there will be some grey, and shading, and whatnot). My questions are in regards to what would look proper. Now, I may be putting way too much thought into this, but, based on my (limited) knowledge of albinos, in humans the colouration runs to pale white, semi translucent, with red and pink highlights. This is due to the lack of pigmentation in the skin, with the red blood showing through as red and pink.

So, if a Predator were to have that, would you expect to see more greens, since their blood is green? My area of concern is specially around the mouth. Most paintups I have seen use various shades of pinks and creams to colour the mouth, with some detailed vein work. If I were to do the alibino scheme, I would think that the mouth, instead of being pink and cream would be more along the lines of green, with bright green vein work.

Would that just look totally out there? I have some ideas in my head of how it would look, but I'm not so sure the translation would come out well in the real world. Opinions? I can always default down to the "standard" paintups, with an emphasis on black-white-grey colouration, but I thought it might be interesting to try it out.

I'm in the works now researching as to whether the dreads should be white or black. Lacking any real references as to what the dreds actually are (I discount the AVP books; the first was great, but the second was just silly IMO). Black dreads are obiviously the easiest, but I think white would stand out more, especially since most of the gear (read: armor) for my design is black. Possibly, depending on how well I can paint them, I wanted to paint the tips of the dreads black, and fade them up to white near the skull.

Anyway, any comments and suggestions are most welcome.


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Good question
Being albino or not all preds mouths should be green not pink anyway (biologically speaking) because the pink colouration in our mouths and tongues is from the underlying blood vessels and capillaries not from any pigmentation, so preds blood being green their mouths should be green as well
Similarly an albino pred would have green tints on their skin and green eyes, (depending on the degree of albinism though) but I don't think many people would get it, just as if someone were to paint the mouth of a mask in shades of green people would just think it would look weird. On the other had preds being reptilian-ish albinos may appear yellow to white as in other reptiles which come in pure white, white with light/lemon yellow patterns and light yellow with darker yellow patterning.
And then theres piebald albinos which I think would look awesome on a pred

Pure white with regular pigmented patches

White diminished pigmented patches

As for dreads it stands to reason that an albino pred would have white or gray/elderish dreads because of the lack of melanin, or whatever pigment predators have. Personally I would put a little bit of colouration on them as the pure white might be a bit much.




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I would stick with the pinky red for the mouth. Human blood can be bright red (arterial) and blueish/red (venal). Using that principle a Predator could have green and pinky/red blood too. I think it makes more sense for the Preds mouth to have green veining but red is what we're all used to. Main thing to watch out for is not to make the blood vessels to prominent.
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