ALAMO DRAFTHOUSE Cinemas: Finally a theater that doesn't put up with texters...


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The Cinebarre in Mountlake Terrace is very clear about its policy that if you're disruptive, they'll throw you out. They also have food and drinks during the movies and are a 21+ establishment so no obnoxious teens doing everything but watching the film.


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The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema incident reminded me of these posters for Psycho (1960).

Alfred Hitchcock is one of my all time favourite directors, who not only made great movies but also managed to market them brilliantly, sometimes by featuring himself in the promos and trailers; yet never came off as some pompous showman.



“It is required that you see Psycho from the very beginning!”. “The manager of this theatre has been instructed at the risk of his life, not to admit to the theatre any person after the picture starts. Any spurious attempts to enter by side doors, fire escapes or ventilation shafts will be met by force. The sole objective of this extraordinary policy, of course, is to help you enjoy Psycho more.”


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I had the pleasure of seeing grindhouse, as well as a showing of btvs: omwf, at two of the Alamo locations in the ATX. I rather enjoy that place!


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I've already decided that if one day if for whatever reason I am in texas, I will go to the alamo drafthouse.


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It's like the Nazi Germany of movie theatres.

If I don't have to deal with some self absorbed jackass texting or talking through the movie like he or she's in there own living room; then sign me up mon fuhrer.

If the movie chains want to survive then they really need to adopt the Alamo Drafthouse's stance on being respectfull to others.


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...if we could only couple this with starting a movie at the advertised start time, then we'd have something.


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I love that they enforce their no texting policy, but love it even more that they turned her message into the PSA. Winning!


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What I really loved was her complaining about No texting, in the Magnited States of America!!!

She proved her point, the Texting isn't helping her at all, she needs more schooling!!!:lol

Glad to hear they threw her out of the Theater!!! More places need to do that!


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You think texting is bad? I had some dude whip out an iPad, 5 mins into a Super 8
screening! A mobile screen in your peripheral vision is annoying, but an iPad?

Wes R

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Sadly theaters won't do this because half their customers are this kind of person and it would slash profits.


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If I am ever in Texas I will see movies at this place just to give them business.

We need MORE places like this. :thumbsup
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