Akasha: Queen of the Damned


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So I'm currently working on an Akasha costume for London Film and Comic Con, and since Therpf keeps emailing to ask why I haven't been on in a bit I figure this is as good a build as any to get back into the swing of things with :) This is the version I will be working on, love her in the movie but....I think this illustration is alot more regal and the colors are better for me. Its done by Hayden Williams

akasha art.jpg
These are the breast plates I made so far, they are done with Worbla n Foam. I maaaaaay have to redo them since I had to get them shipped from home to me in the UK and Customs poked it full of holes sigh.

akasha breast plate.jpg

This is the wire base I did for her crown :D
akasha crown progress.jpg

I also have the fabric bought. Will be updating a bit slow because of exams but at least I've started. Very excited to be using techniques in this build that I havent used before :)
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