airwolf little black box


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not sure if these were a screen item or that the sws made helmets were simply made with this box................but what i want to know is what is it???? off the shelf project box, custom made, container from a product????

would like one to go with my helmet i made - it looks like this:



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that 1st link i could very well use that - ill have to start scouring the uk now to see if i can get lucky or anything similar - good call my friend ;)

altho 12" x 10" is too big :( which seems to be the smallest one nanuk do


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until this very hour i had not found anything possibly suitable - like most things i need to know what there called - and now i have 2 very good options, cost is also the issue jardine - so far i found the otterbox half the cost of the pelican - all i will be doing ia adding a sticker and drilling a hole in it - so obviously the otter has taken my fancy.....but if when it turns up it isnt really what i want ill look at the pelican or any other ones that may arise.

it wont be long before i sell my first airwolf helmet i made, but ill possibly throw in a box with that to spice it up a bit :):)


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That is just the battery pack that SWS incorporated to power the helmet lights and the electronics for the visor opening/closing and audio effect. I think it was modeled after the screen prop which was no more than a box with hose attachments. The screen prop used pressurized air to simulate the visor opening/closing when Hawke pressed the helmet button. Not sure what is exactly used to make that box though.
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