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My question is:
can anyone here on the forum tell an airsoft from a real weapon looking at only a part of it?
In the movie predators royce carries a weapon he never draws. It seems that it is some kind of 1911 with a flash suppressor from an m16.
What if it is just an airsoft with the flash suppressor screwed to the orange tip to hide it?
Any idea would be helpful
Art is the best person to answer this for you, he has just researched this costume right down to the show lace's

infact there maybe something in the Costume so do a search and check in there, failing that message Art.
I am an active part of that thread, and we discussed the gun matter there. I just wanted to make an open question to the gun experts here, and of course I will share the awnser (if any) on the thread.
Airsofts are used more than anyone will admit and more than anyone realizes for film/tv/print. Even the "non guns" that fire an electric charge are airsofts gutted and converted.
It makes a lot of sense, especially considering the problems that can be encountered even with deactivated/blank fire weapons - nearly 100 prop guns for "World War Z" were recently seized by Hungarian police because they were not suitably deactivated under Hungarian law :eek
Higher end GBB pistols, or seen quickly in shots no there is no real good way to tell the diffrence between an airsoft and the real thing.
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