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So I have a bit of a dilemma. I make a lot of SFX Tattoos on waterslide paper, usually using a white makeup sponge to apply pros-aide to the paper. However, it tends to leave little bits of white behind, stuck to the black tattoos. I was told by the makeup team of the TV show I'm making tattoos based on, that the prosthetics team used an airbrush to apply the pros-aide to them-however, the prosthetics team does not have social media and the makeup team does not know what tools or process was used. I tried to spray straight pros-aide and it's too thick to make an even coat that makes the tattoos come off on the skin (they only apply in spots the pros-aide is on, so bits of the tattoo don't apply) and trying to water the pros-aide down with water, activates the water activated paper.

I know there is a way to do it, because I got my hands on a tattoo from the actual TV show, but for the life of me I cannot figure out how they airbrushed the pros-aide onto it without activating the paper and having enough pros-aide to have the entire tattoo come off onto the skin.

Has anyone ever done something like this before? If so, what is the magic secret I am missing?

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If airbrushing it is an absolute must, try thinning the prosaide with a little Liquitex Flow Aid. This was something I developed and played with quite a bit when painting latex masks. I am not sure it will fix your activation problem but it should let you spray a nice even coat. You’d probably want to do it in layers, a quick mist, hair dry, another mist, hair dry, etc.

Something else to keep in mind, your airbrush itself may be a big difference. A paasche H with a #5 needle would be able to spray prosaide a lot better than an Iwata eclipse for example.
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Thank you for replying! I'll have to try that out, nothing I've tried so far has worked!

I have a Paasche MIL at the moment but I'm looking at acquiring a new one soon. Does the H have a similar model that's dual action?