airbrush for atleast chest armor


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is this airbrush good for cosplay armor because I am not what kind of airbrush to use since i never used one

this is the cheapest one I can find with paint. im pretty sure im not free handing lines. I want an airbrush kit because i dont want to use as much rattle cans and I want to mix colors

note: I accidently posted another thread in the model subforum please delete it because i dont have that option apparently


I have found the hard way, or the expensive way, not to buy a cheap airbrush or in particular a cheap compressor. I would invest in a good, not necessarily expensive compressor but definitely one with a tank and cutoff pressure limit ( for when the tank air has reached the desired pressure). The tank will give you the benefit of a steady air stream which will give a more consistent finish. Without the tank, you will get a pulsating air output, annoying to work with at the least. I have a cheap Iwata by Neo CN airbrush which I use for undercoating and base coating, not lines etc, and it works fine with a good compressor which I have now. Just a tip, as I am still learning too, don't mix your paint in the airbrush cup, mix before adding. Adding paint to the airbrush cup just blocks it up no matter how well you try mix it up with medium/thinner etc., another thing I had to learn the hard way :)


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The compressor you linked to has a regulator and water trap, these will help to smooth out the air flow.

But I also recommend a good compressor with a tank. I use a hardware store type with a 9 gallon tank. I fill the tank then shut it off so I can work without it going on and off. When the tank runs low I take a break while it refills.


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It's perfect for what you want to spray.

Forget tank based systems....they are seriously noisy...kick in to soon (unless you cheat their dump) and take up too much space.

Unless you want to spray large open surfaces, then proceed with your intended purchase;)


Yes Roguetrooper is correct, the tank setup is noisy and mine likes to travel by vibrating across the floor. I have a Badger BA1100.

Before I had a cheap diaphragm compressor I bought on ebay and for large surfaces it was fine, if you ever start doing detail work, I use mine
for scale models, I would consider upgrading to the tank. All the best with it.


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that's why you are a premium member.....******......all you have added is a link...congratulations something...;)

:lol I would, only I have 20 orders a day to get through ;) I have one of those little compressors and the tank does a good job smoothing out the airflow and stops it running all the time. it's pretty quiet too :)
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