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carpe noctem

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my first skin is almost ready for paint!!! debating whether to pay someone to do it or try my hands at airbrushing!!! can anyone tell me about airbrushing??? is it hard to learn or easy??? please advise!!! i never done it. can it be done without airbrush??? and if so what should i use?? thanks


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nah mate like everything u just need practice airbrushing is like everything pretty easy if your passionate about it its hard at first but with practice u can get real good
the only way your gonna truly find out is to try good luck oh and post pics when u do ;)


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I'm in the same position too except I've a whole body and the head to paint. There are pros and cons to airbrushing and manually painting. Biggest problem with airbrushing is if you don't have one you're going to have to spend about £150+ for a decent airbrush and compressor. I've tried using air cans and they suck big time. They lose pressure very quickly and they don't last very long. There's also the problem of learning how to use one and this takes a bit of practise, they can make an almighty mess with overspray and you need to wear a respirator. However the results you get are worthwhile as you can get really tight spotting and blending of colours is easy.

Manually painting is cheaper and safer as you only need paintbrushes and sponges, but getting the tight spotting and gradual blending is possible but harder to achieve. In my experiments I've managed to get pretty good results just with a paint brush and sponge, but I was only painting a small test area. Not sure if this would translate to a larger area as acrylic paints dry very quickly and you could have problems with hard lines forming. Acrylic retardent helps but another way of aiding blending would be to use a wet on wet technique, same as Bob Ross (American Landscape artist). Mind you I'm painting on resin rather than latex.

I'm still undecided what method to use myself, so can't recommend what you should do except for trying your own experiments. If you made your own skin I'd paint some more latex onto a test area and use that to have a bash at manually painting. You might be surprised at the results. If you intend to do more work that requires airbrushing then go ahead and buy one, but if you only need the one skin painted, I'd be thinking about someone else airbrushing it or manually painting yourself. Really depends on your budget, your future intentions and your talent.

Good luck and I look forward to seeing how you get on.


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i have seen some decently painted masks that have been done without the use of an airbrush. but if you want a more realistic mask with smoother blending then the airbrush is the way to go.
it will require practice and at first you'll be poop when i compare my first mask to anything i have painted recently i can see massive improvement and i know that i will continue to improve the more i do it.
if you go down the airbrush route try and get a dual action one, you have alot more control over paint flow. there are many threads on the lair about different airbrushes and their pros and cons, just have a browse.

but above all have fun with your airbrush or your sponges, in the end it's your mask

carpe noctem

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THANKS guys i think i try my hand at airbrushing. i really apreciateyour information, and to go ciao( going to a art supply store or hobby shop) i post pics as i get something done!!!