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Hey guys,

Here's another costume that I've been working on part of my Avatar: The Last Airbender series of costumes. What do you think so far? Made from worbla, paint and some cool ridged fabric. More to come when I get my model to actually put the full set of gear on to photograph.


Also, you can check out the Water Tribe Warrior outfit here:


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Ooooooh veeery nice. I especially like the fabric on the pauldrons, it adds a really good texture that you don't see very often, at least not on armor.

Are you coating the Worbla with something? It looks very smooth.
thanks! I went for the "lets-not-make-it-all-out-of-cotton" look, portraying more of a what would it look like in real life.

the worbla was coated with Gesso.... many many many layers of Gesso, then sanded and primed and painted, and painted.

He's a picture of the full get up about 70% completed
. 20141024_203636.jpg
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