Agents of SHIELD Terrigen crystal!


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I didn't realize I neglected to make a showoff thread for this, so here it is :)

I loved the design from the show :

The crystal is a blue color, with little cracks all over it.

About 4 jillion screencaps later, a friend of mine finished up a render in 3d of it, and I sent it to the factory I use for the Superman crystal stuff I do.

They sent me this pic :

which amazed me, because that is awesome looking. Although, to be honest, I have to admit I am a bit biased towards crystal things ;). I asked them to make the cuts a bit deeper to match the screencaps and model, and they sent this :

Now that is one shiny, awesome looking piece of cool. It's deep etching, and glowy blue color... MAN that is awesome. BUT, as we all know, I can be a bit of a perfectionist, and the screencapped crystal shows that's it's been fully polished.

So, I asked em to polish the crystal for me. They agreed, and sent me this pic :

Now... that is looking a lot closer to what it seemed like in my head. It's pretty close, but not ENTIRELY there, but it's damned near and sometimes that's all you can hope for.

So, I asked them to please polish the dark blue, and they sent me this :

HOLY CRAP THAT IS COOL. I love it, it's amazing. Then, I scrolled a bit further down, and saw this :

A beautiful comparison shot. I honestly dunno which one I like better. The dark blue has the neon blue effects on the inside of the crystal shining through, while the light blue just looks like it's glowing all by itself. I'm gonna have to wait till I get em in hand before I make any decisions on which one I want. If there's interest there will be a run eventually, but right now I just wanted to show off where we have ended up after the prototype stage got finished.

The light blue looks to be more screen accurate , color wise, but the dark blue just looks pretty cool. It's gonna be hard to choose from.

Anyway, hope you liked the pics as much as I did :)



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No idea.

I don't think they can polish it since they are pretty tiny, but I'm hoping there's an additive like superglue or something they can seal it with to give it the wet look without compromising the nifty neon glow to the lines.

I'll know more when they email me back :)

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