Limited Run Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Nick Fury's Toolbox 3D print


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Hey guys i designed and 3d printed Nick Fury's ToolBox that he gave coulson. the top comes off one side so you can add LED's in side if you like and snap it back close. the box is 2" squared which was size up through screen shots and will be printed in black pla at HI-Res so there will be free little to no clean up .i have two versions , one is screen accurate and one i added the SHIELD logo just because i thought it was cool.i will attach photos of one that i painted and added led's to as an example. I just ran out of black pla but if theres a interest in these i will run out to the store today and pick some up and start printing right away .. price is $28 Shipped for the raw print in the US. 10600559_10153384138595466_4373335824341462726_n.jpg 11182026_10153384138530466_2686447931348865855_n.jpg 11108215_10153376268885466_1269059763463125476_n.jpg 11174994_10153375511140466_8885296343569112407_n.jpg 11193311_10153376269840466_3367734692568611688_n.jpg
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