age of ultron Vision help

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Hi All,

I've asked a couple of people if they could do this for me however I like to have a backup and would be good for me to do it even if I do get a pro to do it. looking to make a full head/neck mask out of silicone. I've watched and read loads...however whether I've taken it all in correctly is another matter :lol. so see below rough steps and if anyone can let me know if that's ok or i'm missing things let me know.

1. Either buy a bust or make a self cast (i'd do this myself I know it's not ideal but would work from what I've seen), if I was to self cast could I use just the plaster or would I have to use the alganite stuff I keep coming across?

2. once the self cast or bust I purchase is ready then I can sculpt with clay correct? making sure I put the clay wall separating the two halves of plaster and I cut the trenches (keys I think you call it, these are for the separation or air to escape?).

3. Once its sculpted to how I like it I put plaster over the clay to make the negative correct? the positive being my self cast or the pre purchased bust. any guide to how thick? thicker it is more durable I assume? first layer being a detailed layer so I don't lose any of the details then just put the plaster on top of that.

4. once dry separate the two halves, this is where im slightly confused, I then remove all clay from the self cast/bust clean it off, then do I put the negative (outer cast just made) back together around the positive (my self cast/bust), so where the clay was will now be filled with silicone? if that's correct should I make the clay the thickness I want the mask to be? obviously I would spray it with easy off stuff so the silicone would come nicely off and bolt the two sided cast negative together and put the pouring tube in at the top during casting the sculpt, make drain holes at high points. also if that is correct how would I get the positive to be central inside the negative? this is the thing that makes me think i'm missing something.

I do apologise if you have answered similar questions, im just super picky and want to make sure I have understood the videos and text correctly.

watching the tested one where they are in the studio in California was super helpful, just didn't show the pouring of the silicone, so I assumed the "one fits all" bust complete with head net (name completely eludes me lol) goes back into the negative and bolted together and silicone poured then left to cure for how long usually?

thanks in advance for your help!


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I recently seen someone on the youtubes use plaster bandages like you'd use to make a cast for a broken appendage. They put tin foil on their face/hair, leaving the eye holes open and then close them up once the whole thing is set. Afterwards, they use the form to make a plaster cast of their face.

I'm sure you could use that with an assistant to do your whole head. They'd have to help with the back and cutting you out of it. You lose some detail vs doing this with wet plaster. But I think it'd be easier. I'm planning on using this method to make Sularian nose/chin/cheek parts (think Vastra, a lizard lady from Doctor Who).

If buying the plaster, skip Michael's and the art stores. Find yourself a pottery supply place. I bought ten pounds of plaster at Blicks for $60. I bought 50 lbs of plaster at the pottery supply place for about $10. You need more than you think. Just ensure you store it wrapped in plastic and elevated (not on concrete or it will draw water and being to set).

2 and 3, correct. I'd fill it to make the positive plaster cast of your face/head.

4, I'll let someone else give a firm answer as I've only gotten as far as sculpting and casting.


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Thanks for your feedback :thumbsup, so to update this......

i have purchased an armature from David mosher fx. That will be my positive.
I'll then use an oil based sulphur free (nsp) clay to sculpt.
Then I'll coat it in a thin ultracal to capture the detail, then what would y'all recommend for the rest of the cast? More plaster or fibreglass?
Then once all dried remove the mould (negative) remove and clean the clay from the positive original bust.
When I put the outer cast around the bust how do I make sure it's central for when I pour the silicone? Also I make the clay thickness the thickness I want the silicone mask to be right?

my head is spinning trying to research all the types of materials and methods lol.


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Here are some tips. The cast of you should cover the shoulders and part of the chest-a generic headform might not be the right size, and the spacing of the eyes is very important. You will need mold release, and some good sculpting tools. For best results, sculpt a thin layer across the entire mask area, about a quarter of an inch, and then start the actual Vision sculpt. Mark Alfrey makes some great sculpting/casting videos, I highly recommend picking one up and watching a few times with friends who can learn and help the casting. Good luck!1282063755_0500makeupbooksstore204.jpg

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