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Hey guys, ended up seeing AoU today and must say I enjoyed the movie very much. I want to keep this spoiler free for anyone who has yet to see the movie but while I really did enjoy seeing Stark in the 43, Hulkbuster & 45. What really caught my eye was the drones used in the beginning of the movie. Which he called the Iron Legion. I liked the overall design of the armor and how it still had an Iron Man feel to it. So I googled the drones to see what I could find and here are a few pictures if you guys were curious to seeing them. Maybe inspire a few of our amazing modelers to take a crack at it ;) I know the last pic is a key chain version but thought it looked cool anyways :lol

Hot-Toys-Iron-Legion-Sixth-Scale-Figure-Avengers-Age-of-Ultron-e1428074209985.jpg iron-legion-age-of-ultron.jpg IMG_6568.JPG IMG_6579.JPG IMG_6574.JPG IMG_6566.JPG IMG_6560.JPG IMG_6567.JPG Iron-Legion.jpg Untitled.jpg
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Nice job on the reference pics guys! I'd like to build the Iron Legion robots at some point, once I complete my Mk.43 of course (although I haven't even started that project yet). :)

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I have to be a necro poster but I have decided to add a Iron Legion Work shop to our 1/6 Hot Toys Stark Mansion Dio

To give you an idea of what I am talking about here is a thread -

I want to have 5 bays and a repair table, something like this -


This new addition will replace the Mandarin's studio which is on the left side of the dio and the Mandarin will go to a new wider shelf above the Avengers


This is a newer picture and as you can see he's kind of crowded


So far I have 4 Drones on order and I'm looking for an Ultron Mark 1 to go on the table.

The plan for the 4 droids is to repaint them with different numbers since they are only sold as 3s

To do this I need to know which Drone became Ultron Mark 1, so if you know please post below


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great stuff here, i always liked the iron legion, and of course ultron mk1
cant wait to see the update on this,

ive just rechecked the film for you, so this should help a little,

in this image ultron has 03 on his left shoulder, this is the only id i can see on him

this ultron was made using the damaged parts left in the repair bay,

id say most were likely from 03, following the riot scene before,
hope that helps,
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