Age of a model kit, for SS projects


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Does anyone know if there's a way to tell the age of a model kit. I have some Roco tanks I bought for a Studio Scale Galactica, and want to find out their age. Just curious mostly, but may resell a few. The barcode number on one is 9005033002121. It's a Roco 212. I got it before I found the 211s I needed. There's also a number on the back of the box, 893201R421. Any model detectives out there, I'd appreciate any info. I know this one is older than 1998, cause it has a partial price sticker on it. Thanks,

PS. Went to Scalemates and they had some info on this. It's from the 90s . But if anyone knows any other way to date models, let me know. Sometimes the serial or UPC numbers have a date code in them. Thanks

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