Agarn sleeps with the fishes: Larry Storch dies at 99

Probe Droid

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On the heels of James Caan's passing, TV comedian Larry Storch has shuffled off his mortal coil at 99. A good long run. Loved him as Agarn on F Troop and he was always fun to see in other films and TV shows. His cameo in The Great Race is a particular favorite.

Met him and a few other F Troopers at ChillerCon ages ago. A nice bunch.

Rest easy, Larry.



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Loved him in F Troop, he also had a quick appearance on “Kolchak; The Night Stalker ” Series


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Very sad news! He was always entertaining. He did lots of the animated voices from my childhood, too.
I was looking forward to his 100th birthday posting on Facebook.
I’m going to watch some old cartons he voiced in honor of his career. I ordered an autographed picture from his site last year from Tennessee Tuxedo Show.


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He was active and sharp right up to the end. Highly recommend his appearance on the Gilbert Gottfried podcast from several years ago. A lot of fun with great stories:

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