Aeglos - LOTR Gil-Galad Spear - 9ft. Long 3D Print


Aeglos has been on my "to do list" for several years now, so I finally decided to make it!

RPF 0-1.jpg

I began by making the basic shape of the blade and the spear shaft in AutoCAD.

RPF 0-2.jpg

Then the pieces were loaded into Blender so I could add all the vine detail on the blade.

RPF 1.jpg

When the files were printed, I used a hand sander to smooth the print lines.

RPF 2.jpg

And a smoothing tip on a dremel can help get into all the small areas.

RPF 4.jpg

Everything was sprayed with 2-in-1 filler/primer, and then smoothed after every layer.

RPF 5.jpg

The blade was based with a metallic silver, and then gold enamel was painted onto the vines.

RPF 6.jpg

The shaft is based with in raw umber, and burnt sienna was dry brushed to create a woodgrain.

RPF 7.jpg

Then a black wash was used to age the wood and "tone down" the color of the woodgrain.

If you would like to see the complete building process, check out the build video, a link to the files is in the video's description:

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