Advice on Medieval plate armour in the UK


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So, I'm considering a few items of Medieval plate armour for a small display - just a two helms and two pairs of gauntlets...

But due to the weight, I'm restricted to UK sellers, I think. Are there any well regarded retailers or anyone that's particually cheap? Prices seem to vary wildly for not much difference in quality, from what I can see (aside from people making stunning engraved suits!)

I'm not after heavy gauge steel, as it will not be used for re-enactment or anything, so cheap and nasty will be considered!

Thanks guys!
If you want anything near original armour I wouldn't go with any of those listed.
Like props, some are more authentic than others.

Also it depends which period you are looking at.

My harness is 15 century gothic plate and was made by Mark Vickers at St George Armoury, probably not the best but cetainly up there with the best.

Also it depends on how long you want to wait.

Any armourer worth buying from has a waiting list.

Like most things in life armour is a case of buyer beware.

To be honest, I'm looking at late 14th century basic plate. I ideally want some leather backed plate gauntlets and a Barbute style helm. Then on top of that my friend wants something along the lines of a Bascinet.

Thanks for the advice guys, I'll be sure to check all these options out!

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