advice on IM mk3 lower calf ?


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hey rpf'ers,ide like to ask you ironman builders a question about the lower part of the calf,above the shoe.should i just leave these and do them seperate then put them on after using velcro.make foam ones? talking about the flap thingys at the bottom of the calf,they dont have numbers or flaps to properly fix them on,so thats why ide like your thoughts on the matter,got a calf done today,starting a thigh tommoro,oh and its a mk3 pep build if i didnt already say.thanks folks ive deffo caught the pep bug!:thumbsup

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That part above the shoe needs to be a seperate piece that attaches on so it can bend with your foot when you walk, if you leave it permanently attached to the rest of the calf, it hits your foot when you walk and makes it really hard to do so


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cheers guys yeh your right,i was thinking that when i went to bed last night,what a nooob,should the back bit be loose also or do should i permenantly fix that bit aswell?,suppose i could always modifiy it in places when its getting close to being finished.
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