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I've been planning on sculpting a figure of Kerrigan from Starcraft for ages. I'm still at the design period and planning to sculpt her from sculpey on a wire armature (standing around 16-18 cm tall without the wings). I would obviously like to make a resin cast of the finished sculpture as sculpey would not keep its shape and state as much as a resin cast. Given the nature of the model and all the appendages (see link: I can't even think about a two-piece mold. My idea would be breaking down the figure into a proper kit and casting limbs, torso, etc separately. However, I have no idea how a process like this is actually done. I was thinking of making incisions at the breaking points with a very thin string while the sculpey is still soft then baking it but the wire armature would still hold the whole thing together. Any tips or advice on casting a figure like that? Mind you, I never actually made a resin cast of anything more detailed or complicated than a landing gear.
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First, for sculpey, I would recommend Sculpey Bake n Bend. Normal sculpey will crack and break when you remove your master from the silicone mold. I destroyed many masters with Sculpey and had to rely on casting a copy to ever see it again. Bake n Bend bends just enough to release your master without breaking. Its not really soft and squishy, its hard but bendable like thin hard plastic. But don't bend it extremely or it'll break for sure.

Two part mold would be recommended even for just parts of the sculpt. One part molds would be good for simple sculpts with no extensions like arms and legs.

Since you want this sculpt in pieces then you'll have to "chop" it up in pieces as well but do it before baking. Knife and wire cutter should do the deed. Now that you have your pieces, I usually create a dowel out of sculpey lets say at the neck of the head and make a hole big enough on the torso to fit it in. So when all is casted, you'll have the pieces to fit like a puzzle. Some guys create half spheres or boxes to connect their figures as well.

Most times I just cast it and drill holes later to fit in wires for support.


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Thanks a lot for the help! I already placed an order on the book :).
Also thanks for the bake n bend advice, never knew it existed, sounds more useful than regular or super sculpey. The only thing I wonder about is cutting the wire armature inside the finished sculpt when I "chop" it up as even thinner copper wire is hard to cut with a thin blade and something "more persuasive" tool woul probably damage the sculpt itself.
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