Advice on Chrome paint - suitable for handling?


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I'm looking for a good chrome paint suitable for handling - the Halfords one says it isn't right for that.
So I am looking for something safe to handle, hard wearing or varnish/laquerable, nice and shiny and reasonably priced. And available in the UK!

Any suggestions?
I have no experience with the stuff, but elsewhere on the boards it was suggested that Killer Chrome was among the best chrome paints available.
It may not be a desirable alternative but you could use a brand of spray paint called Molotow, its made in germany (I believe), so it would be easy to acquire.
Or a company called Ironlak (based out of Australia), I know they have GREAT chrome paints (bronze, gold, and silver) they both were designed for graffiti by graffiti artist's so they were designed to buff proof so they are durable and Bright.
Also I think they would be the least damaging (to a human) when handled.
This is my best guess as a solution.
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