Advice on building Steampunk version of Empire of the Sun Headpiece


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Hi all

I am looking for advice on building a replica of the headpiece the lead singer from "Empire of the Sun" wears:

I plan to create a steampunk version, but was wondering the best material to build the "feathers" and get the right curves. All I could think of was using copper sheets and cutting and shaping by hand.. I know the original ones were laser cut (from a web article), and I am assuming aluminum..

Any tips/advice from the experienced folks here?



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No reason why you could not make them from pvc/styrene of a 1mm/2mm thickness. Use a heat gun to shape then paint would be my go to for this.
I agree, I would probably just do foam with wire edges so that you could rebend them into shape if need be.

A Steampunk version sounds difficult since it is such a plain design in the first place. Do you have any design sketches on what yuo're thinking about doing?