Advice needed on X wings - Start small and work my way up?

Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by vectorzero, Mar 15, 2015.

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    Like many of you I have a large stash of kits many of which are still shrink wrapped. I'm trying to work out what to keep, and what order in which to start them.

    I'm more perfectionist than speedy builder as anyone following the ED-209 build log will have realised. I'm also fantastically busy at work, which means very little time to truly concentrate.

    All that said, this morning I'm rationalising my Star Wars stash, and having surprised myself with the number of kits I have (oops) I'm not sure what to do with my X wings.

    Right now I have

    Bandai 1:72
    FM 1:72
    FM 1:48
    AMT Pro Shop 1:35
    Revell (Revell of Germany) 1:30 (1:29?)
    Salzo IV (* 2)


    Now the Salzo's are going to be done to the best of my abilities and so I want to work my way up to them.

    Many question the accuracy of the FM kits. So my thinking is this:

    Sell the FM's - they are shrink wrapped, and to some collectors items. Then do the following sequence:

    1. Build the Bandai. Its quick, accurate (?) and breaks the ice.
    2. Build the AMT Pro Shop, and figure out the difference in details between the studio models. If it all goes wrong - no biggy
    3. Build the Revell. Again figure out the minutiae of the studio scale models. This time at a scale closer to the Salzos
    4. Build the Salzos - Red 2 and Red 5

    Lots of people out there with experience of the various kits. Anyone got any thoughts they would share?


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    I've been building models for 40 years. But, before I tackled my Salzo years ago I tested my skills and painting on the ProShop. I think your on the right track, go small first and then save the best for last.

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    Not that I've been modelling for years, but recently getting back into it and I'm starting with the smaller fine molds x-wing then the larger then have a trio of FM falcons to work through along with a few ideas for scratch builds, so like you just trying to up skill and save the best for last. Resisting buying a Salzo but I'm sure one will sneak into my stack lol and I only have the odd hour here and there to work on them.

    So I think your on the ball :)
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    Thank you guys. Much appreciated.

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