Advice needed on printing money!


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Don't worry, I'm not planning a counterfit spending spree! :lol (or am I?:love) (I'm not!)

I've been making 'replica' credit notes from the Star Wars universe and while I can print them just fine, the quality is a bit on the low side as I'm using a simple household printer.

Is anyone able to offer any advice on this one? I'm not expecting advanced water-marking or anything (although that would be cool) I'm just curious as to whether anyone has any experiance with prop money and how to print it on the two sides at the highest possible quality and have it professionally cut to the sizes I want.

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Re: Money! and how to print it!

you may want to rephrase your title as a question, cos it comes across as a tutorial... best of luck with this one.


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What printer are you using? I currently have an HP C5280 and I can print pretty high quality. Maybe your settings arnt at the best? Are you a windows user?


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I would contact a printing shop if you have one near you. Let them suggest some options to you. Their prices are usually reasonable and the quality is high since they have access to pro grade equipment.



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It's entirely possible - I use an HP Deskjet 1050 All-in-One Printer. It's extremely ink-hungry though and I think using the high quality settings would prove pretty expensive in the long run.

It's a back-up plan to be sure, but I am interested in having the notes all at the highest quality possible and cut to the same dimensions as well.


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I agree with the massive consumption of ink.

You could also try telling the printer you are using different paper. The printer will spit out as much ink as it thinks that type of paper needs so High quality with a less ink consuming paper type might be an option. Im sure you have a certain type of paper you want to use, but the printer doesnt know the difference.


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As long as the image does not depict a valid world currency any print shop will take on the job. One trick I use for print work is double the job on a single run where you just double the image and cut them in half to make two, three, four....

Expect to pay about $40 though which is about the cost of OEM ink on a home printer. I use an Epson Artisan 800 since it prints very, very fine. As much as I hate Epson printers, it prints super duper fine. I picked it up for $50 used but with any printer, read up on reviews before buying. The Epson's are plagued with issues.
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