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    Hey guys, relatively new but need some advice. Getting ready for my next build and have a couple of directions I could go, but before spending money, would like to weigh my options. I'm going to do a mask of 'The Guy' from Disturbed's new video, and more than likely would be a one-off. It's not a whole head piece, more just the front of the face, with a cowl and clothing covering the remainder of the body & head.

    I've thought about sculpting and doing a head prosthetic, but that would require me to have a life-cast/mannequin, mold, etc. In doing my research, I stumbled upon the thought of using a safety mask for paintball that I've found for a base, and placing sculpting/modelling clay directly on it and painting it in-situ. Would this be advisable, and if so - what would be the best product to use?

    If not, I've thought about making a life-cast of myself, but have never made one. I saw a post earlier, where someone was using a 'generic sculpting form' with head and shoulders (which is about $120). Is it worth the money to purchase one of these blanks to save time, or should i go through the hassle and time of making ... me? (I know, such a noob question, right?). Then on to sculpting on it, then molding, then making, then painting... (I'm sure cursing is in there somewhere...) ;)

    Thanks in advance!
    Regards! - Kyle
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    The average price for a full face and nek lifecast is around $250. I don'r recommend casting yourself, if you don't want to pay a professional, you can contact a makeup school and see if they have students looking for the experience. If you are going to do it, get a friend to help for safety.
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    Thanks for the info! Yes, I am familiar with the procedure, just not the costs, so this is good to know... Sounds like the blank could be the way to go. (Unless I can get Mold Maker to stop by... Hint-hint)

    Ok, so still waiting on the other questions & advice!!! ;)~
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    You say that you are just starting? You won't need a life cast for a while. You will be practicing for some time where you can feel free to make mistakes, so go out and buy a $5 foam wig head and sculpt away.

    Before you go life casting, build a good collection of tools and skills, and have fun.
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    I would recommend one of David Moshers armatures. I have two of them, and they work out great. Unless it's an actual prosthetic that moves with your face, it's not really that important to have a lifecast of yourself. And cursing usually occurs every step of the way for me. It's part of the fun. :thumbsup
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    I bought one of these to start off with

    It's made of a rigid foam and you can put clay on it like: or my favorite (medium)

    Those helped when learning shapes and just starting off...unless you want something to be form fitting, like a silicone or latex mask (then get a lifecast). But that head is the same size as most peoples (give or take), though the neck is longer. Otherwise when you're ready you can make it out of something like urethane plastic.

    That's the more costly and professional route...otherwise if could make something out of a paintball mask, a dremel, some glue, spray paint, and elbow grease (depending on what this guy looks like).
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    Thanks for the advice guys! pitchforknumb - yes, cursing, this is a way of life, every step of the way! LOL (BTW - used to live in SLC, i miss the mountains, but love my beach!) I'm still toying with life casting myself (vanity perhaps...?) as i do want to do other prosthetic pieces for myself for other builds.
    Junklady, thanks again for the info - VERY helpful. I sent you a PM btw, so you can see what he looks like. ;)
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