Advice needed for Lord of the Rings rings


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Hello all, I'm looking into expanding my lord of the rings collection. I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel on the gandalf staffs, so now im all stoked about getting more LOTR goodies. Here is the kicker, anyone know of a few decent places where i can get replicas of the following rings?

Gandalf's ring

there are a ton of them on e-bay but i'd like your opinions on the matter before i make my decision.

Ill probably go for this when i pick up my One Ring though i am not sure what size to get.

again, your help would be greatly appreciated.
I have (and like) the Noble version of the Ring of Barahir. If I'm going to be nitpicky, the stone is undersized and rather weakly set with glue; also, the band is technically "too" detailed compared to the original. However, compared to what else is out there, it's still a really nice version and I'm happy with it.
I have checked out the Noble Collection stuff, but some people have told me that they tend to simplify the designs like in the case of Arwen's crown.
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