Advice Needed: First Time Sculpter!

Discussion in 'Sculpture and Makeup Effects' started by itsaplane, Jun 5, 2015.

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    Hello lovely rpfers!

    So I'm embarking on a very lovely project for the summer. I've done some clay sculpting(small minor things) but nothing that involved molding +casting .

    I'm doing a male cross play but the character is silly me decided, hey. I'll make a fake chest out of silicone!

    I've been all over the web and still don't have all the answers I need before beginning.

    I plan on using monster maker's clay or chavant, dragonskin fx pro or dragon skin 10 medium.

    I don't know what materials to use for the molding process? Someone said liquid plastic but not sure if that works. Also, how does one go about coloring silicone "skin" colors? I'm a brown skinned female and I only see "flesh/pale" tone.

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Sounds like you got a long road ahead of you.

    The basics of molding and casting is simply making a copy of an original sculpt.

    For your character, I will suggest to finish it in a hard medium like clay, sculpey or apoxie. Anything that hardens.

    After finalizing your work and you are satisfied, the next step is the mold process, or as some say, making the negative. (Yes like in photography)

    I recommend using RTV silicone. I get mine from www.specialtyresin com. Never use latex gloves or any material that contains sulphur near the silicone for it will retard the curing process. And wear goggles and use vinyl or nitrile gloves.

    For your character, a two-part mold is recommended. Plenty of youtube vids. Absorb and get creative, there are no rules. I like to do the brush-on method, saves on silicone, however you'll need a mother-mold to support the mold. Plaster of paris or cheap resin will do, again youtube it and absorb.

    Now that you have your mold you can cast it in plastic, rubber or chocolate if you like.

    Since you wanted a squishy effect with the chest area, I recommend specialtyresin's Flex-It resin. They have Flex it 10, 40, 70, and 90. The lower the number, the softer the resin. And higher the number, the harder. 90 is like a vehicle tire and 10 is squishy like MUSCLES figures. Sorry to spam but Specialty Resin is the only company that ships to my town.

    Casting is the next process. Depending how you made your mold, you then pour the liquid resin into the mold to create the desired effect for your character. Plenty of youtube, absorb.

    I hope that helps.

    Casting your character in different resins is the fun part. You can have a clear plastic look or an iron look. Research fillers and other forms of polyurethane resin.

    Once you learn it, its very simple.
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    i agree completely
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    Thanks a lot!!! I will go absorb YouTube videos!!!

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