Advice Making Gears Of War Lancer


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Now i have been viewing this site for a while and a lot of people here build A LOT of cool things I must say. I want to make a replica Gears of War Lancer for under $300 because I would just buy a plastic one for that price. I know there is a lot of different techniques including plastic castings, fiberglassing pepakura or cardboard, making things our of bonding, madding nerf guns, carving out of wood, etc. I would really appreciate it if people could give me some advice for the cheapest and best way to tackle this project. I am a college student so I have some funding but I do not have access to large tools like ban saws, etc. Linking tutorials for some of this stuff would also be much obliged :) thanks and i can't wait to hear from you guys in order to start my first project!

P.S. I would like the chainsaw to also move somehow and resemble the shape of the actual gun.

Here is a reference picture to the one that sells for about $1,000 made by trforce.

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